Reverse Sound For All SCS Trucks – 1.24x


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This mod has been tested on all SCS trucks on the 1.24x game version.

This mod MAY work on modded vehicles (must use default reverse sound).

Please respect download link!

Ben Haylett


4 Responses to Reverse Sound For All SCS Trucks – 1.24x

  1. Theosz says:

    there are anoying “tic” at begining. same of Apollo3D

    • BH says:

      I created the original one released under ‘Apollo3D’. I will look into the ‘tic’ sound and release a new version if i fix it. Thanks for identifying this problem.

      • sheppardpat47 says:

        it could have been already corrected in the beginning, just remove the tic sequence in Audacity…

  2. bhadick 04 says:

    what the password

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