RJL’s Scania T accessories by v2


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RJL’s Scania T accessories by v2
Mod has been tested with RJL’s Scania T v1.5.1 and game version.

-kelsa bars for sideskirts, roof grill, front grill, bottom grill.
-Numerous LED lights and blinkers.
-Burger lights from k4k4k4’s mod.
-Edited version of the scania t lightbox from Maxx2504.
-Edited version of the “SUPER” logo.
-Side lollypop positioners and blinkers.
-New versions of the 50keda sunshields with extra lights.
-50keda’s lightboxes wont be available anymore.
And a lot of other things that I can’t remember.

Changelog V2:
-Added 2 new airhoses.
-Added 1 new reverse light for the (airhose and upper backlight only).
-Added 2 new doorhandles.
-Added scania emblem.
-Added scania logo.
-Added color Ranger sideskirt stripe with hookup points (for all chassis).
-Added extra slots to Custom roof grill.
-Added color Custom roof grill.
-Added color backled bar.
-Added extra hookup points to rear bumpers.
-Added extra hookup points to all masks.
-Added extra hookup point to mirror slots.
-Added 2 extra hookup points to L9, L12 and L9+12 bottom grills.

Parts: RJL, 50keda, k4k4k4, Maxx2504, Pictures by banksy’s. Editing and convertion: Mole.


16 Responses to RJL’s Scania T accessories by v2

  1. Belarus says:

    With this mod don t owork light pack by balbo. Fix it please!

  2. Sarah1224 says:

    can you make a mod like this for Scania R and Streamline? Please?

  3. RayFiftyOne says:

    Where can i find Rjl’s scania T?

  4. Banksy says:

    calls scania T mod v1.5.1.but tittle names shows as scania T mod 1.4.2 you can find it on this site, hope that helps

  5. Pauly says:

    Great work mate already on my scania T

  6. ScaniaFreak says:

    Great mod, only one thing: where is the rear registration plate as in the picture??

    • Banksy says:

      sorry buddy the reg plate is part of my skin, a bit miss leading i suppose.

  7. fsxdude04 says:

    can someone make this without the hideous flares?

  8. truckergeerard says:

    how do you get the licence plate on the rear???

  9. EJTruckingINC says:


  10. Ben says:

    Does anyone where I can download the Scania T mod with the lift chassis, I have the earlier mod, the one without the lift chassis but every time I download later one it says “this file no longer exists” has it been moved to another download site? If so please tell me which one.

  11. paul says:

    how do you get the numberplate onto the back of the lorry it dont come up in the game?

    • Banksy says:

      sorry paul its part of my skin. i was asked to put this mod up on this sight and use my trucks. the info was left as it is, apart from me messing up the title đŸ™‚

  12. Ronnie says:

    Hey Can you Pleas make some interior addones also?:)
    Like in henki’s scania t just to rjl scania t

  13. GG says:

    pure truck porn

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