Roml Cargo Krone Profiliner Owned Trailer

–SCS Software – This awesome game and Wiki sources
–Marin Malnar – ETS2 Studio
–Various textures from all over the web
–Various font types from all over the web
–VictorSE – Creating this skin

-Programs used:
–Photoshop CC 2015
–ETS2 Studio

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-If you have any issues with this skin, add me on Steam and send me a message, my profile is public!
–I am always opened to suggestions!




12 thoughts on “Roml Cargo Krone Profiliner Owned Trailer

  1. Super classe

  2. andreas venker

    passwort bitte

  3. passwort please

  4. Canarinho

    Can you make a download version from your axo haulage pack scania 2016 pls. pls. pls.

  5. You copied the structure to create the Krone from other authors,
    but you blocked the mod!
    you are very intelligent congratulations.

    1. Yet again, you’re showing the level of low intelligence you’ve got. I have locked the files because I don’t want to see anyone messing with my files, ever again. Grab a snickers and stop being such a wuss.

      1. Canarinho

        Victor can you make a download version from your axo haulage pack. i dont use workshop items, pls.

        1. No.

      2. You are right, my intelligence is low, you have it high
        why did not you leave an unlocked copy too?
        if your problem is the files.
        My thought is not witty and directed towards all those blocking the mods.

        1. organiczero

          you can’t be this dense, can you? he already said why the files are locked. And why would you need a unlocked copy in the first place, since he already stated that he do not want people messing with the design he made?

          1. You and your friend pretend not to understand.
            I do not need to understand the structure of the trailer or copy the textures.
            I remind you that I learned watching Modders unlocked mods
            how did your friend VictorSE.
            I have not offended anyone now I want to unlock my brain is clouded:

        2. Just state your reason why you want unlocked files. JFC, you’ve got some dense brain fog.

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