Routier Combo Pack

Tested on 1.26.7 (I’m still on this version because of multiplayer)
I will update the when 1.27 (not beta) is out – including liftable axle.
High Quality Skin for Volvo FH 2012 SCS
High Qualitiy Trailer Skin – Profiliner – with advanced coupling and brace animation.
Truck Skin and Trailer Skin made from real photos from SebyAGL™ .
Do not reupload and keep original link!
Volvo truck used in photos:

KiLLeR Modding, SebyAGL™


One thought on “Routier Combo Pack

  1. Sa marche pas sur la 1.27 il faut attendre qu’il sorte le nouveau Volvo fh version 1.27

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