Runiran Volvo B12B TX v 2.0

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Iranian Bus With Passenger Mod!

– Standalone Truck Dealer
– HQ Model
– AO Texture
– Passenger Mod
– 2 Colored Skins
– Bus Physics
– A lot of Options And Addons
– Interior Accessory DLC Ready!
– Mod Manager Ready!
– Template Ready!
– Clear log

Compatible For: 1.19 , 1.20 , 1.21 1.22.1
It Is Not Allowed To Edit.

Version 2.0:
* Fixed Crash In Older Versions
* Fixed Interior Texture
* Added White Seat
* Fixed Template and Edit file
* Add New Extra Engine Sound

Have Good Time 🙂

Authors: Mahyar.Gh – SHOOFER -Nice2000 [EM GROUP]


32 thoughts on “Runiran Volvo B12B TX v 2.0

  1. Nice man, thank you! Finally I can play this mod in 1.21.

  2. Russian beast

    Thank you! I like your mod.

  3. peeweelulu

    trop cool bus très bon travail grand merci!!!!!!


    Thanks mahyar & Ehsan
    This is very good
    Thank you

  5. Kaptan Demir

    la tıklıyom inmiyo vereceğiniz linke sokayım

  6. LilSpoopyFloof

    When I skin it, it comes out on the truck in this horrible yellow colour that I can’t change, what do I do?

  7. CommanderChachee

    i cant find it in a dealer, help?

  8. Гоцман

    Mоd crash on version 1.21…

  9. ets2modtester

    hey, i truly like this mod, and i wonder if you could make it to go faster, like 150-200, i know it sounds ridiculous but still Thanks 🙂

  10. the game is very slew for me 5-10 fps beacause of the bus . sorry for my english


      Yes me too, I’m getting 15 to 25 FPS, and the passenger mod only appears rarely, but nice mod anyway.

  11. what chould i do

  12. Please can you release the mod with sound of ZF engine? it will be better… 🙂

  13. such a great bus + the update! time to cruise! just love the mod plz keep working on it to make it better!!!!

  14. Complete #### keeps crashing every time I try to buy it online or from dealer without even customizing it

    1. that’s your computer problem, you piece of ####. I can keep 45-50 fps without crash. Dont mod if your computer isnt good enough. Go back your home and play your ##### game.

  15. Also I’m 1.21

  16. I have released the mod with sound of ZF engine? it still slow

  17. I h8 this Turkey propaganda. Those arabian signs and everything. On the other hand it’s very good made model, respect.

    1. You uneducated loser it’s not Turkish.
      We’re not fckn arabians. Our language is Turkish.

      Is it really hard to google something you don’t know in year 2016?

      Why you are so angryand racist about Turkish people? The time we fck your countries is in the past. We’re not Ottoman now.


    2. Buses driver(romani drivers)

      Hey,its not turkish or arabian s****t
      its Persian !!! its iranian bus,and it’s awesome!
      Thank you so much for sharing ,nice exterior and interior.
      This mod really like real life bus.
      Good job Mahyar.Gh & shoofer And your team (EM)
      Keep going!we waiting for next update!

  18. i cant get the passenger mod to work any help?

  19. hi mahyar thanks for this mod,but i have problem because very slow in my pc?why?hanks for solve this problem

  20. Sure its fixed. Its crashing on me all the time after I clicked on the buy now button. Im using version 1.21.1 of ETS2. Help to fix it. Thanks

  21. Its crashing on me all the time after I clicked on the buy now button and driving in 1.22

  22. Passenger mod is not working for me.Any suggestions?

  23. agha dametooon gaarrrrrrrrrrrrm.
    montazere mod & bus haye baaditoonim
    neshoon dadid professional hastid. plz volvo b9 & scania maral ro ham besazid. shoma behtarinid.

  24. Very very impressive mod, however, the fps was slower when I drove this bus compared to my other mod buses and I think that it could be solved by making the interior look less detailed in exterior mode although I really love to see the detailed interior.

  25. Thank you for the bus mod is amazing

    I was have problems with the passengers job now try this mod of linux passengers V4 and solved for me in 1,22

  26. amol shinde

    not works on 1.21 ….game crash …..please design mod for 1.21

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