Russian Open Spaces v13.0

Version 13.0:
– Compatiblity with ETS2 1.49

– There are 63 cities on the map
– There is Russian traffic on the roads, including a police car
– In the area of military units you can meet the movement of military equipment
– In traffic, you can find a column of buses
– A lot of Russian companies with new cargo
– In the locations posted a lot of unique models
– Everything is optimized and does not affect the performance of the game
– There is compatibility with other maps

Pavel, Sergey061, Schura774
Authors of models: oq37, kosa6414


3 thoughts on “Russian Open Spaces v13.0

  1. nice, nice

  2. Exactly the same in 1.47.
    Sergueï has not updated anything.

  3. Душко

    Дали оваа мапа работи без ниту едно ДЛЦ?

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