Russificator of cargoes for “Trailer Pack by Omenman 2.23.0

This addon translates all the names of the cargoes from the package “Trailer Pack by Omenman” for ETS-2 into Russian.

There are 90 cargoes in the package.

The priority of installation in the Mod Manager above the package with trailers:


Authors: Omenman

SCS, Omenman


5 thoughts on “Russificator of cargoes for “Trailer Pack by Omenman 2.23.0

  1. Please fix your cargo pack for bdf’s.
    Happy new year!

  2. Sam Viper

    Hello, I have tried to download some mods from you, but to unpack you need a password. I play Eurotruck 2 only in single mode and not public. But what is not included in the package. Or do you have to pay for your mods money?
    Greeting Sam Viper and Happy New Year

    1. I don’t have any passwords for archives and my mods are absolutely free

      1. Sam Viper

        Hello, and a happy new year!
        I think it was the MC Donald Trailer for which one needed a password to unpack. 😉
        And in one mod of yours, the truck is still at 1.28 can you still on 1.33?
        Thank you for this info. Greetings Sam Viper

  3. Sam Viper

    Hello, Omenman!
    I need from you the truck and trailer skin with your truck logo.
    I am currently traveling in Russia and buying lots of garages. And I would very much like to use your machine for the whole of Russia and the trailers. Unfortunately, there is no skin to be found by you for my trucks.
    Omenman drives worldwide. 😉

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