S. Verbeek & Z.N. Robbie Williams Skin

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S. Verbeek & Z.N. Robbie Williams skin
Make sure you’ve installed the required mods, and also in the correct order: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446391617885044747/448932506247626765/Screenshot_6.png

This is the skin based on the Scania S with the Robbie Williams theme. This S730 contains quite some special paint and lots of work. We hope you enjoy it!

Required mods

Kraker trailers: http://sharemods.com/kl01qfq6o3h9/kraker_trailers_by_kast.zip.html
Wheels mod: https://www.modland.net/download/0/0/euro-truck-simulator-2/other/wheels-for-trailer-1.27/
Lightbox mod: http://sharemods.com/jw9k47gl9969/SCANIA_NEXTGEN_ADDONS_SMG.scs.html
Recommended mods

Danish sideskirts: https://ets2.lt/en/danish-sideskirt-for-scania-s-beta/

Kerstens Modding


6 thoughts on “S. Verbeek & Z.N. Robbie Williams Skin

  1. bonjour il demande un mot de passe svp

  2. pilotchaos31

    What is the password ?

  3. Kerstens Modding

    A secret i won’t tell you.

    1. Why you not tell the password??

      1. Sam Kerstens Modding

        Because people will edit it a little bit and reupload

  4. No password how to install

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