Save Game (Profile) Have XP (level) & Money No DLC

Money 643,425,792 Euro
Works without dlc
DLC are optional
Level 37 (elite)
Install: put the folder from the archive in my doc/ets2/profiles



4 Responses to Save Game (Profile) Have XP (level) & Money No DLC

  1. me says:

    it requires TONS of DLC (paint, italy, scandinavia, france….) cannot load without

  2. ETS2 says:

    Requires tons of DLC, dont work without. Bullshit

    • FoxCena says:

      it works without the dlc’s, you can just jump over the dlc’s and it will still work.

  3. ETS2 says:

    Requires TONS of DLC. Don’t work without

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