Savegame V1.28 Support Multiplayer

work for any version v1.23 v1.24 v1.25 v1.26 v1.27

Financial wealth
Unlock all garage
hight Level
Support multiplayer



4 thoughts on “Savegame V1.28 Support Multiplayer

  1. Awesome+profile,+clean+and+simple+just+how+i+like+it+:D

  2. Bob Smith

    Love It Its works Download It Extract The ZIP And copy the Profile In The Documents Euro Truck Simulator Profiles Paste Open The Game And you can found a profile downloadmodsets2 Enjoy

    1. how to start multiplayer game?

      1. CaptainCook

        go to then click on Download, after that it will download the file and you only have to open it, click on agree, choose wich game you want and download it, now open the Truckersmp.exe on you Desktop and Register/Login and go play

        Captain €:

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