Scania 140-141 V8 Sound Mod

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I made a Scania 140-141 series V8 engine sound for the Shoofer’s 2.0.
Scania 1st series.

I am happy today to share it with you.

This mod also adds a little bit of torque on the V8 engines, and better gear ratios for in game experience.
-Wipers delay has been fixed.
-Tachometer is more accurate.
-My new dryer air sound is in this mod as well.

Enjoy and drive safely 🙂



7 thoughts on “Scania 140-141 V8 Sound Mod

  1. Starrachse

    Nice one 🙂

  2. Very nice do you have a Link for the truck or it’s private???

  3. Super Merci bien

  4. RHT Austria

    look for scania 140/141 by shoofer (v2) thats this truck….its online for everyone

  5. Gameplayhd2015

    Video with this amazing sound mod:

  6. !!! S-U-P-E-R !!!

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