Scania 143m v 4.0

Scania-143m-1 Scania-143m-2

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* The truck is completely autonomous.
* You can buy it from Scania dealer.
* Specifications is taken from the original documentation
* Model is skinnable

Tested on: 1.24.x patch

Authors: SCS, TSM Poland, rinat, NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo, Ekualizer

DOWNLOAD 121 MB [Zippyshare]
DOWNLOAD 121 MB [Sharemods]

20 Responses to Scania 143m v 4.0

  1. zoso says:

    Ciao Ekualizer? ? ?
    1000 Thanks for Michelin dolls, I did not think you would accept my idea, the Scania is now even more real
    Thanks again to you and other authors

  2. Diablo says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  3. Philippe says:

    Still not a propper V8 sound!!!! Without that the 143m is NOT finished.

  4. Yannick says:

    Only two changes and this truck is the best truck mod for ETS2: A nice V8 Sound like in real and a nice interior which does not look like plastic. From the Outside it is a beauty so far.

    • martin- says:

      i dont hear a v8 sound but only some bad nocice when im driving more les 55 km/t

  5. ManuelTruck says:

    What is the difference of this model from the model of

    I’ve tried two models and they are identical

  6. adam says:

    was just wondering if anyone could help me install this mod. I put the files into the mod folder and it gets detected by the mod manager in-game. I go to the scania dealer but the truck is not there to buy :/ Can someone please help thanks!

    • Elite_Phantom says:

      There is a separate file which contains the .scs file so go into that and copy and paste the .scs into the mods folder.

  7. muhdshaffeq says:

    I cannot see this truck in any scania dealer : ( Could anyone help me please ?

  8. muhdshaffeq says:

    I can’t see this truck in any of dealer ship 🙁 Please help me…

  9. TruckingWithReecyb says:

    Showcase of this Mod –

  10. Axel says:

    Can u fix a bug that the steering whell can turn in 900 degrees for the steering wheel because it only turns to 540 and the it just jumps to 900… Please can u fix it

    And if anyone else has this problem Reply

  11. Yurisminator says:

    Hi there, im trying to make a skin for this truck, i downloaded the template and got going doing good an all but how do i paint the front wind deflectors?

    I see alot of skins with these painted but i cant see them on my template 🙁

  12. sheppardpat47 says:

    The steering wheel is not straight, it’s not normal! Vabis Wheel and the origins wheel are not right, it’s frustrating for such a beautiful mod

  13. sheppardpat47 says:

    I never seen so many uncorrected errors after many updates … The steering wheel is not centered, the windshield wipers do not move Outdoors (we do not see that move inside view )
    If you activate the headlights, dash moves slightly
    The km counter does not move and remains 266363km
    The lever for the brake park there are only the tip that moves …

  14. Vers says:

    My video of this scania, this scania is amazing!!!

  15. Miguel says:


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