Scania 164 Skåne Edition

Skåne Edition skin for RJL Scania 4 series

Do not redistribute this mod UNLESS you use the original sharemods link.

Enjoy the mod!

FuraFemDagarEtteSovit, RJL, ETS2Studio


6 thoughts on “Scania 164 Skåne Edition

  1. Arthur Vince

    What a nice and original skin, thanks!

    1. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

      Thanks! Hope you like it

  2. Lilja Landefeld

    can somebody give me the link to the sideskirt please
    it looks like the one from p8 but the mod from p8 doesnt work with the 4 series from rjl.

    1. It will looks when you will check definitions in .scs files 😉

    2. FuraFemDagarEtteSovit

      As you can see in the picture it works perfectly fine with 4 series. Maybe you have a mod conflict? Make sure you click the fueltank section in the shop ingame and not sideskirt section.

      1. Lilja Landefeld

        i have tried it but it didnt work i have had no other mods then the rjl r series and the 4 series addon and on the scania r from rjl itself the p8 addons and the sideskirts work but on the 4 series they dont!
        what a lie!

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