Scania 2016 Kelsa Bars 1.31

– Lobar
– Sidebar
– Minibar and Minibar XL
– Aluminium, Chrome, Paint looks.

– Fix definition for Mighty Griffin DLC.
– Add Minibar and Minibar XL.
– Add Sidebar for 8×4 chassis.



10 thoughts on “Scania 2016 Kelsa Bars 1.31

  1. ysy770724977

    This is a great job and it loves it! What plug-ins are the four lights can you tell me?

    1. From “RJL accessories ReMoled v12.2”.

      1. For me I have the Scania Addons from Zeeuwse Trucker and for the Lights the Hella Pack. 😉
        The ReMoled seems to be only for 1.27…

        1. And I found out after a Test, that, when you have certain Trucks, they become pink Parts.

  2. Very nite, Thanks!
    Sidebar not suport 50k addon!

  3. Very nice, Thanks!
    Sidebar not suport 50k addon!

  4. Ahmet Melih Budanır

    50k addon ?

  5. João Coelho

    Hi @Mondo.N, I have an issue with the sidebars.
    With this mod ( the lights are a bit inside the sidebar, could you move the slots for the lights a bit outwards so they don’t clip with the sidebar? (Image:
    Thank you
    João Coelho

  6. João Coelho

    Hi @Mondo.N, I have an issue with the sidebars.
    The lights are recessed into the lightbar, could you move the lights a bit foward so they don’t clip into the sidebar?
    Thank you, João.

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