Scania 2016 TransPeltola

Finnish Company
TransPeltola skin for the Scania 2016


Both Models R+S – High+Normal Cabins


m1keY, SCS, Moh1336


7 thoughts on “Scania 2016 TransPeltola

  1. I like good work.
    Question are you SCS beta tester?
    Happy Holidays.

    1. not SCS tester…but… ?

      happy Holidays to You too ?

      1. Hello, Mike and zoso,

        we want you to wish also happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2019.
        Friendly Regards and thanks for your nice Skin
        Joachim and Brian

      2. Ok, thanks for the reply. a greeting to Joachim and Brian
        and happy 2019?? to everyone.??

  2. What wheel pack are you using?

    1. those are old ones I have had since ages…
      search (google) for “Devil Rims & Tire by John Lee”
      there are similar looking updated “Alcoa Wheels”
      Slipperys Alcoa Rims v0.1(ATS)

  3. Oh ok, thanks

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