Scania 4 series SMH Black Panther V2


Updated truck so fixed some errros 🙂

This is the truck and the skin as there are some bits custom made just for this truck 🙂

Ashley Willman, Punisher, SCS


4 Responses to Scania 4 series SMH Black Panther V2

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    No download… again many errors…
    [model] Unknown look name ‘default’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/scania_4/truck.pmd’
    Interior sound accessory is missing!
    Exterior sound accessory is missing!
    The accessory ‘/def/vehicle/truck/scania.4/sound/interior.sii’ conflicts with the accessory ‘164.480.scania.4.engine’, which declares it as default (directly or indirectly)!

    • Ashley willman says:

      In that case I suggest you take that up with the punisher 3d productions as I only added stuff and skinned on his Base, and all I did will not effect the model or anything listed in that error you have provided

  2. Mike Rules says:

    Well thumbs up for trying. ETS needs new truck mods added seeing that scs take their sweet time to update this game, and hopefully we will see better and better mods with less errors.

    Thank you !

  3. Adreea Georgiana says:

    This mod should be under “truck” category not “skins”.

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