Scania Deep V8 Sound v 9.0


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After the “Crackle” version of the V8 sound, here’s the “Deep” version of it.

This sound works for the two stock Scania by SCS, the R, T by RJL 2.0 versions, the RJL 4 series and the Nagtegaal Scania.
Patch 1.24 – 1.25.

For futures updates and bugs reports, please you can join me here :

Author: Kriechbaum


19 thoughts on “Scania Deep V8 Sound v 9.0

  1. Francesco

    Interior and trailer mods?

      1. For the trailer: LOL C, as if, nice troll! People like you just ruin the community.

        @Franco: Trailer:

      2. It is for sale. Check Caspian customs on Facebook

        1. Noway Thank you, but this isn’t the same trailer.

    1. Posible d’avoir le mods interieur stp?

  2. Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  3. DeathMonsterGG

    Dude can you make me a scania like s.Verbeek?

    1. DeathMonsterGG link for scania s.verbeek

  4. Excellent sound! Thanks!

  5. Great job! Thank you very much.

  6. heavygamer70

    Amazing sound, the best one ever heard, exept your crackle sound.
    Feels like driving a real Scania now, thank you so much!!!

    1. AbsoF.U.C.K.E.Nlutely!

  7. Trucker53

    Thanks for sharing such a good sound mod!


  9. Bonjour à tous, j’ai réalisé une petite vidéo sur ma chaîne YouTube avec ce magnifique son V8. Merci à Kapitan Kriechbaum 🙂

    Lien de ma vidéo:

  10. whats skin ?

  11. I’ve got one idea. This is old truck (I’m talking about scania 4) so I think it’s good to do longer start engine like then, when truck have damage. Sorry for my english but I hope you know what I said.

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