Scania Dekotora + Trailer


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Scania Dekotora Truck with Trailer

Author: mogome

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31 thoughts on “Scania Dekotora + Trailer

  1. Alexander

    Please take this “creation” away.
    It’s an insult to the Scania name.

    Delete it. That’s all I have to say.

    1. EstevanTigerBoxer

      Eu estou aqui Pelo Mod DEKOTORA!!!ÓH YEEESSSS!!!

    2. EstevanTigerBoxer

      Po cara Respeite quem Gosta,Insulto é você não entender oque é Cultura Japonesa Fica na tua se não entende isso,Falou?!?

  2. dont work for me nd i use ver.

  3. mercure007

    Exatly you can’t understand… it’s the problems.

  4. mercure007

    it’s awful but nice job^^.

  5. Incredible work, crazy japanese design though.

  6. Helldog7ks

    Személy szerint nem fogom használni, de le a kalappal nem piti munka van benne.

  7. The Circus has arrived !!

  8. LazMohawk

    Those japanese got a serious mental problem !!

  9. awesome!!

  10. Well i don’t think they have mental problem at all they have to much money that least they don’t go blowing each others up like some other country’s Now thats mental.I mean come on whats up with those freaky curtains on some of the trucks here,its Not a house so why put it.Lol

  11. Not working on version 1.9.22s

  12. Brazilian mods are wonderful near it!!! (I am brazilian and hate brazilian truck tuning)

  13. More like ‘metal’ problem LOL

  14. Japanese maniac track culture 「DEKOTORA」
    Special exhaust sounds 「MANIWARI」

  15. MaideInUSA

    You all who do not respect the cultures of other countries are full of ####.

  16. ACGamer98

    Video FullHD:

    Win Euro Truck Simulator 2:
    -Comment,subscribe and like video.

  17. Imagine doing acid while listing to Pink Floyd and this truck drives by… #mindblown

  18. Yeah… now we just need the trailer for bumpercars and mary-go-rounds…

  19. ###??? hahhahaa Epic Fail Lol

  20. Yeah, right…

    Just tested it in game version and it works just fine there too.

  21. badtothabone

    that’s the truth

  22. badtothabone

    crazy #### aint it

  23. Scania R730 Owner

    Dekotora is not a scania at all guys. its a jap truck brand.

    1. No.

      Dekotora is the name for this style of truck tuning in Japan.

      It’s not a truck brand.

  24. It looks like Elton john jizzed on it.

  25. jesus thats ugly as hell.

    Take that #### down.

    I dont know why would anyone want to drive this ####.

  26. GETOVERIT777

    it doesnt work for me if i start my account up my game sudentli stop an my version is

  27. This is so ###### up kürrwa!

  28. Check my youtube video about this mod!
    I like this mod, very nice mod

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