Scania Ghost V8 Sound v 4.0

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V8 engine sound for the stock SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL “R”2.2.3, “T, T4” 2.2.3.

Patch: 1.32




7 thoughts on “Scania Ghost V8 Sound v 4.0

  1. mstfcbngl

    Video? Why does a person share audio mod without video?

    1. Lilo is Good

      Lol, where are that bunch of video making nerds when we’re in need?

  2. arttunalle

    !!!I tested it was bad!!!

  3. I tried the mod and it does not work it only works with the truck without movement at the moment of accelerating it loses all the sound and listens more than the external sound fixes your mod so maybe it works for you but to the rest I doubt it

    Probé el mod y no sirve solo funciona con el camión sin movimiento al momento de acelerar se pierde todo el sonido y escuchas mas que el sonido externo arregla tu mod tal ves a ti te funciona pero al resto lo dudo

  4. Mod funktioniert gut…lvl.1.33.

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