Scania Mega Store V 1.5


For 1.14.2

Fixed little Errors

New in this Vision

Sideskirts for 8×4 chassis
Backbumper for Backlights on 8×4 chassis
Side plates for 8×4 chassis

Its not allowed to upload on other Hoster
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36 thoughts on “Scania Mega Store V 1.5

  1. Мод хороший только сделайте пожалуйста подьёмные оси 8×4. и стояночные огни чтобы они были и стояночный тормоз и простое тормоза в одном!!! буду очень благодарен а так мод великолепен!!!

  2. Will this mod conflict with the Scania T-cab by Henki?

  3. no conflict withe the tcap

  4. puffitheone

    Please a low chassis for Scania midlift….

  5. thunderhawk

    I still love to see my heavy-haulage-rack aka the “tower”.^^ You will find the next, better version in Scania Upgrade V3. 😉

  6. guys i have a problem when i’am tuning my truck, i’m getting mess with letters. I even switch of all modes except that i reinstalled the game and it is still the same. please help?

  7. guys i have a problem when i’am tuning my truck, i’m getting mess with letters. I even switch of all modes except that i reinstalled the game and it is still the same. please help???

  8. There is no tuned stock 6*2 with taglift. It has only v8 version.

  9. @Malcolm37, why you are not giving the correct credits? In this mod included are attachment parts from henki73. Why it is so hard to give a little respect from modder to modder? I have pictures from the original Scania T Model which included these parts. It should also be fair to ask a modder about his permisson to use his parts. Or what do you think?

    1. I want to point out that even the Henki’s T-cab has wrong credits. The completely original Scania T model is here:
      The real respect belongs to me (RJL)

      Some people think that the Henki73’s T-cab is stolen from me (not everyone notices it). Now some people think that these parts on Scania Mega Store are stolen from Henki73. Really, everything is stolen from me:

      1. How good that in our original thread on the forum are you’re already mentioned 😉

        And also here are you credited: 🙂

        You should also be stated here 🙂 This is what i wanna say with this post: thank you 🙂

        1. I have seen many releases of Henki’s mod which doesn’t have my name on credits (probably other people have copied it to mod sites with wrong credits, not Henki himself), but it’s good to know that i’m mentioned in original forum thread. 🙂

          Anyways, It’s true that Malcolm37 has stolen a lot of parts from others mods. I can’t understand why it’s so hard to give right credits. I’m sure that this mod has parts at least from five modders. And what you Malcom37 do? You claim that everything is yours!

  10. missing the license plate in the rear bumper

  11. Please please please take the possibility to set S-U-P-E-R badge in grill into this mod. if thats done this mod is complete 😀

  12. This is a great collection on mods and works really well, but is there a template for the hose connector and chassis infill sections ???

  13. Download mode, but I’ve got a problem. I’m opening night lights but getting an error such as continuous internal flash space.
    please help me

  14. I’m getting confused with this modes I found this one made by you as well :
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzmegastorereworkedv5 is this an upgrade over this one or this 1.5 is a completely different store ? which one is NEWER ?

  15. will you make a 5th series frontgrill once? and then a 5th series interior? i thinks it’s time for a upgrade of the scania 5th series (aka scania r2008) in ets 2. there is a picture of 5th series interior

  16. It’s a nice mod, but can you make it so that you can remove the text scania in the grill

  17. Malcom37! Bro! please make tandem chassis 6×4 lift axel.

  18. Is its possible to add own paint job to tuned topline version?

  19. Can you make som Templates for the two models? Its hard to make good skins now when every part isnt there on the templates I find on the internet.

  20. Malcolm change the interiors in topline because you add for torpedo with a flat floor and this is not good.

  21. Going this mod on Version 1.15

  22. Ist es möglich, den Mod mit den V8K-Blaine leuchtkasten compatibel zu machen?

  23. LazMohawk

    Is there coming a version 1.15 to us ? Please 🙂

  24. The mod is working on 1.15.1

  25. kenworthw900

    Hi just want to say that its a great mod .. BUT i cant find the extra light ( 001) on the 8*6 chassis ,I have the extra light 002 , i have the 001 lights on the 6*4 but its not on the 8*6 /4 chassis . Also i wish the “super” badge on grill . The “Stiholt” mud flaps on frontbumper also would look nice .
    Thanks . keep up the good Work

  26. Wird es ein Update geben wenn ja wann? und kann man evtl noch sidebar miteinarbeiten wäre uper ansonsten Top Mod

  27. Update 1.16???

  28. The mod is working on v.1.21.1s

  29. Tony Sncxx

    Hello, beautiful mod. Please do always updated versions adding internal Scania streamline editable color. Please eliminate bugs frame 6×4 v8 + taglift weight on the front axle and trailer. Add parts Scania rjl. Thank you.

  30. willem janssen

    if i want to select tuned topline or higeline my game chraches

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