Scania MT Design


MT Design reworked for Scania R 2009 & Scania R700.



5 thoughts on “Scania MT Design

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Paint is originally made for Pleyms on their New Volvo FH16 and is designed by J.J. Troeng desings

    I wonder why they (MT Designs) from stealing while they steal it also,

    No i don’t need any reply on my remark! But the truth must be told!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    1. MT Design have replicated a real life livery.

      Freddy jimmink copy and pastes other people’s work using their DDS files, occasionally edits them and releases this as his own.

      One is replication, the other is theft.

      If you want the truth to be told, then start telling it instead of the bullshit drivel that you spout.

      Just to note; I am in no way affiliated with MT Design, just sick of #### that you come out with to try and defend yourself when you’re caught using someone else’s work.

  2. I think the prhase “MT Design” could be removed from skin”

    Whatever the owner/maker – don’t need be painted.

    I hope that works to [Mega Store v2.0 by Kyto.scs] cabins –

  3. “stewowe” thank you very much

  4. hey one question:what wheel pack do you use on scania r700? thanks in advance…

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