Scania New Generation S Black Beauty Skin

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Tested on 1.30!

New skin only for Scania New Generation S series. Skin is based on real template but it’s not following exactly.

Recommended mods
– [tema87] Scania Next Gen Tuning Parts
– [50keda] Wheels Pack

Specially created for
– High roof
– any chassis

!!! Please don’t edit and reupload without my permission !!!

Enjoy ?

You can support my work if you want, it’s up to you ?



17 Responses to Scania New Generation S Black Beauty Skin

  1. nportegies says:

    Strips for the Grill that are in the red here, can not be found anywhere in the game.

  2. Helmut Störmer says:

    Hello I need the Scania New S for a company what would you do for a price that I can change

  3. KasperTorp says:


  4. kilian54800 says:

    hello do you know how to add the new scania on ets2 studio?

    • Roman71 says:

      ETS2 Studio is curently not supporting new Scanias and they can’t be added now.

  5. Driverstein says:

    Video with this amazing skin:

    Thank you very much!

  6. Dave B says:

    ETS2 Studio does support the truck

  7. Tuner75 says:

    Bis auf den lackierten Kühlergrill mit den roten streifen gut gemacht jedoch beim Grill sieht man die roten streifen nicht …

  8. AndyN says:

    it can be added as i have added it and done a test skin!!!!

  9. greppler says:

    i’d like to edit the skin just for personal use, can you please give me the password? thank you

    • VojacekGame says:

      Hi Roman71, could I modify your skin? It’s for youtuber. Write me an answer if you want more information. Thank you / vg
      Of course I would write you as a creator too.

  10. VojacekGame says:

    Hi Roman71, can i modify your skin? It’s for YouTubers. Reply to me for more info.
    Of course I would write you as a creator too.

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