Scania Newgen L6&V8 Sound Rework

This sound work on Stock SCANIA R& S 2016 SCS and PGRS Eugene.

-V.1.0 : 2020/09/29
Sound mod has been rebuild from scratch with new samples and with FMod for patch 1.38+

sorry if my video quality is bad 😀

Kriechbaum, SCS, BWS


2 thoughts on “Scania Newgen L6&V8 Sound Rework

  1. Sonny Ploug

    Sorry to say but its not realistik sound. I drive the l6 and the v8 in real live and the dont sound like that. The most realistik v8 sound i ever heard was Kriechbaum 1.2 v8 sound.

  2. Вячеслав

    Адаптируйте пожалуйста под 1.39+!

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