Scania Next Gen High Pipe with Airbar

Hello all.
I hope you like it, because this is the first mod I do.
Please write all of your notes until I fix them, and secondly, to avoid them in the future.
Sorry for my bad English, I am using Google for translation.
Thank you.
Note the template inside the file.

Sad Wolf


5 thoughts on “Scania Next Gen High Pipe with Airbar

  1. what is the rear bumper mod name ?
    thank you

    1. TsayJabagh

      you are welcom.
      this rear bumper By MDMODDING & name mod is Scania_Next_Gen_Rear_Bumper_V1

  2. Can you repair abnormal skin tone? Thank you

  3. TsayJabagh

    you are welcome.
    This is my first time working on a blender and I don’t have enough experience.
    I choose the material for the truck paint.
    Maybe I should have chosen this material.
    I will try.

  4. mod doesn’t work

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