Scania Next Generation Exhaust Pipe *1.32-1.33*

This mod adds exhaust pipe for Scania S and R
▶ Do not need to buy a new truck.
compatible versions: ETS2 1.32 / 1.33 beta
Thank you all for your downloads



4 thoughts on “Scania Next Generation Exhaust Pipe *1.32-1.33*

  1. nice mod thanks for sharing;sideskirt and back lights are private or paymod?can you give the link ?thanks in advance

  2. It doesn’t work….
    I tryed multiple orders in the Mod-Manager and nothing….

    Where to place it in Mod-Manager?

  3. EDIT: It works, i just thought it was the High Pipes…Sorry for the mistake man, Nice mod 🙂

    1. the high pipes you must only change version in the manifest and they work again…. if you want i can put on new download

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