Scania NextGen R&S No Spoiler

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-Standalone from stock cabins.
-All parts working normal.
-No errors in log.



7 thoughts on “Scania NextGen R&S No Spoiler

  1. It works only with normal Cabins from SCS.
    With Kast´s Scanias (RJL+NG) Game crashes !

    1. Eu Driver

      LOL 😀 more more atack for nothing 😀 easy rewrite dEF? for you?? really hard thuis? “suitable for” ? LOOOL 1minute work. 😉 bye.

      1. Yes, I know it and I did it. LOL

        You can imagine, that are a Lot of Players without that Knowledge ? LOL

        1. Joachimk ——-> upload a video with the explanation … THANK YOU

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…

  3. For your skin use in def
    suitable_for[]: “normal_ss.scania.s_2016.cabin”
    suitable_for[]: “highline_ss.scania.s_2016.cabin”
    suitable_for[]: “normal_ss.scania.r_2016.cabin”
    suitable_for[]: “highline_ss.scania.r_2016.cabin”

  4. Hi man, i was wondering with what program do you use for edited it?

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