Scania NG L6&V8 Open Pipe (automatic gearbox version)

This is my open pipe sound mod. All open pipe samples are made by me. Have fun! There are many functions and sounds, so I’m sure you’ll like it!

Note: it is recommended to make sure the EXHAUST volume slider is set 20% higher than the ENGINE slider. it’s highly recommended to use automatic gearbox, that will give you the best open pipe sound.

Rudi Keersemaker, MAX2712, Kriechbaum, SlavJerry


2 thoughts on “Scania NG L6&V8 Open Pipe (automatic gearbox version)

  1. like the bass sound,good mod thx.

  2. At certain engine speeds you can hear the sound of a railway crossing.
    What’s that supposed to mean? That messes up the whole sound when I have this “ding ding ding thing” in the engine sound. Although no track or level crossing can be seen.

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