Scania P Cartransporter for Eugene Scania Pack

Next Generation Scania P Cartransporter for Eugene Scania Pack V1.0


so that the mod runs properly you need this Scania from Eugene


DLC – Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack

This line has to be removed from the manifest of the Scania Eugene Pack.

compatible_versions[]: “1.39.*”

Have fun with it

gothscher and more


10 thoughts on “Scania P Cartransporter for Eugene Scania Pack

  1. 143.1MB

  2. Hd video 1.40…

  3. Nice mod but please make a right hand drive version 🙂

  4. PolarBear1998

    Nice Mod but please make it so when you are loaded you can actually steer instead of having understeer.

  5. if i remove “compatible_version[]: “1.39.*” in the eugene scania
    the mod don’t work anymore. any help?

  6. Is not skinnable ?

  7. come si installa?

  8. Ma come si installa? nelle mod manager vedo tutte e 3 le mod ma non so come si fa ad acquistare lo P

    1. lellopolletto

      e lo vorrei capire anche io

    2. lellopolletto

      allora prima di tutto devi installare questa mod da questo sito la attivi nel mod menager vai su concessionari mod e troverai uno scania chiamato: scania p
      da li lo personalizzi e ci aggiungi tutto

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