Scania R 5000 HP

5000HP Engine for Scania R truck
By Trucker1327



9 thoughts on “Scania R 5000 HP

  1. В космос летать)))

  2. Leif Knudsen


  3. vanhouten_cz

    😀 next time make a milion HP 😛

    1. thats simple

  4. What’ s the funny to have 5000hp?

    1. rastko komnenic

      You finish the job early then usally, i get always perfect on my volvo FH 16 Classic GT XL

      1. rastko komnenic

        with 178 averge speed 😀

  5. Trucker1327

    Sorry just noticed i have used the picture to my old 2500hp. the mod you download will be 5000hp :p

  6. rastko komnenic


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