Scania R and Streamline Dashboard Indicators


Indicators for the dashboard Scania R Scania Streamline. Only for EU.

The full list of added indicators:
1) middle light – green light, front headlight.
2) Parking lights – purple indicator in the lower right corner.
3) EXT. light – orange light to the left of the fuel gauge.
4) Indicators of fuel, water, oil – highlighted in red in critical situations.
5) status Indicator engine – red rectangle. Triggered by engine damage.
6) the Indicator of the rise axis.
7) retarder.

+ Wear indicator – orange rectangle above the indicator Parking. Triggered when 20% of the wear of any component of the vehicle.

Version: 1.15.x, 1.16.x

Additional download link to UK version

davidzoli, Shineslip


3 thoughts on “Scania R and Streamline Dashboard Indicators

  1. Milan Scania

    What is the difference between these two links?

  2. The larger file has the RHD (UK) animations too…

  3. Dylan Colino

    It works almost everything, only to climb the shaft exits to the desktop.

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