Scania R Clippy Skin

Clippy (1) Clippy (3) Clippy (2)

This is a skin mod for Scania R truck of Clippy Youtube Channel Profile Image
Tested on versions: 1.19

Author: Clippy


13 Responses to Scania R Clippy Skin

  1. Clippy says:

    The next version without lines is coming tommorow.

    • Dave Thompson says:

      Ohhhh Can’t Wait #LovingLife đŸ˜›

      • Clippy says:

        The Majestic Across version have reduced the numbers of the lines and the Valiant FH (2012) have no lines.All is uploaded,but is now progressing.

  2. Matthijs de Goede says:

    Like a noob skin

    • Clippy says:

      Is my first skin ever for Euro Truck Simulator 2.Please respect!
      The next version have reduced the lines.

  3. Worksgr8 says:

    no offence but you could do better my first skin was better

    • Cosmin says:

      The next version have reduced the lines and the 3rd version have no lines.

    • Elitesquad Modz says:

      I respect that,
      But so as Worksgr8 said, no offense but my first skin was also verry mutch better

    • n00bs says:

      my first skin was a hell lot better

  4. Badminton99 says:

    Nice first skin! That’s actually not a bad one as the first skin ever. My first skin was like that.

  5. Bart176 says:

    Don’t worry, nobody makes a perfect skin for the first time. But you don’t have to upload it. I uploaded my first skin only when I thought it was perfect and that was after I think 10 or more versions.

    Everone skins on their own level. So keep practising and keep them coming!

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