Scania R-S Adons v 2.0

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-Added new Ext İnterior
-Added 4×2 lowdeck
-Added front bumber light
-Added front botomgrill
-Added front mudflap
-Added front grill&Light
-Added new sunvisor
-Added light bar
-Added doortrim
-Added window trim
-Added rear bumper
-Added chasis cover&Light
-Added Bulbar & paint
-Added Lobar&Paint
-Added Front Fender
-Added Rear Fender
-Added Lightbar
-Added crom headlights
-Added smoke exhaust
Tested 1.30x
Enjoy the mod!

you DON’T have the permission to upload it somewhere else.
Thank you
To be continued…



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13 thoughts on “Scania R-S Adons v 2.0

  1. TeddyBear

    not worth it if you want to have proper fog lights on which this mod has an effect mod. :\
    or seperate the interior and make that as a standalone mod.

  2. Its really to bad its not working on 4*2 long chassi at all but its nice mod

  3. Mod is cool…but I don’t like the Interior, as Teddy said before, standalone interior mod would be better. By the way, is nice to have some new slots and things to upgrade the New Scania.

  4. игорь

    автор или дурак,или не читает,что ему тут пишут,или сделай отдельным модом интерьер,или выкинь его вообще из этой модификации,интерьер говно полное.

  5. The interior is not my style, the side curtain is blocking side view.. but its very coollll mods… I love it

  6. Aracın içi berbat amk. Düzelt şunu.

  7. thanks

  8. bonjour
    j’ai vu la démonstration, je l’ai installé dans mod mais lorsque je sélectionne vendeur scania mon jeu se bloque en décompactant le rar il m’a créé un dossier : scania R-S Adons V2 dans lequel il y a 4 fichiers jpg

  9. Hi the interior is removable ?

  10. This mod would be a must have if it wasn’t for the horrible brown interior sorry 🙁

  11. This mod crashes for me when I have it installed. I have the v1.0 version which works fine but when I have this added as soon as I got into the main menu after loading it crashed the game.

  12. I can not make friends with glass front lights. I’m getting a red texture not found error at some plugin locations. Help me

  13. kardeş bazı eklentiler çıkıyor ama gözükmüyor ve texture not found hatası alıyorum . yardım eder misin

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