Scania R & S Series v5.0


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What is new on version 5.0?
– Work on version 1.22.x
– Minor bugs solved
– Added ”Cabin Accessories DLC” compatibility
– Added v8 sound for 500, 560 and 730 hp engine (Kriechbaum)

– Added stock sound for 440 hp engine (Alexander Swift, peter la anguila)

Hope you enjoy this truck! Happy driving 😉

Bogdan Kasalap, scaniamatteo, SCS


14 thoughts on “Scania R & S Series v5.0

    1. scaniamatteo

      In your video is v4.0 ….

      1. Mr.GermanTruck

        No is v5.0, look you have added Sound Mod from Kriechbaum.

  1. Nice, downloading. Thanks.

  2. A Krone trailer with contours marking from Schmitz Cargobull, haha. 😀

  3. Unfortunately not OpenGL compatible… 🙁

  4. Don’t download this mod unless you have i5 and GTX 460+.
    This mod is freaking unoptimized and is “killer” for the fps.
    Had 40 and now i have only 20 with lights on lol.

    1. scaniamatteo

      Dude, really?
      I have a laptop with AMD Quadcore 1,5 GHz and AMD HD8760 1Gb DDR3 with 1Gb RAM.
      When I play, I have 32fps on Medium-High settings and 125%scaling so, depend your low-end pc !

  5. nerowskyyMonster

    Video test in HD :

  6. You should fix the Cabin DLC file as there are errors in it otherwise a very good mod

  7. Christian

    put the interior light

  8. No skin and template for this truck?

  9. Przemek82W

    How to remove these registrations and have registration WOT or PL?

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