Scania R Sound


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Reworked sound
New: engine and exhaust sound when leave the gas pedal

Authors: Volidas, Kriechbaum, LudmillaPower


18 Responses to Scania R Sound

  1. Fierro says:

    very nice!

    • Volidas says:

      Thanks to my friend Kriechbaum for the air gear change from volvo sound and LudmillaPower for his tire sound.

  2. wegger says:

    Great sound as always!

    Thanks Kriechbaum!!!

  3. kriechbaum says:

    You are all welcome !

    This Scania sounds Nice

    Good job Volidas đŸ˜‰

  4. petronny says:

    good sound Volidas

  5. breizhdave says:

    hello works scania r2008 50k??

    thank you

  6. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

    I think this sound dont work in streamline right? If not, can you make it for Streamline?

    • Volidas says:

      Personally for streamline and L6 i use Kriechbaum’s Scania V8 & L6 pack V.5.2

  7. Volidas says:

    Thank you all

  8. ayhan says:

    after this mod i dunno why but sometimes game freezing… sound so good but gear shift sound too high..

  9. rallisport says:

    Quick question, how can I turn the gear shift air sound down? Which file do I look in?

    • Volidas says:

      Go down and find (sound_data: .airgear0,1,2) change volume as you like save the scs…

  10. Baba says:

    [snd] Failed to bind, file not found! (/sound/truck/noises/int_tires_road.ogg)

    use the right DIR !

  11. darwin says:

    cest frement le meilleur son que j ai entendue depuis juste quond n entend pas assez le claquement sinons bon boulot comme toujours

  12. Ghass72 says:

    Good one thumbs up, please the tuning mod and mud flap link,, thanks

    • Volidas says:

      Sorry Ghass72 but i have mixed in one mod and i don’t remember the links because is old mods…

  13. Wex says:

    mod doesn’t sound like the video

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