Scania R UK Police Paintjob


Realistic UK Police PaintJob for your Scania R! Soon other models! reply what you think about it!

Author: Chris Advanced


3 Responses to Scania R UK Police Paintjob

  1. Lommerts says:

    Hi Chris,

    Nice idea, but you need to move the word police a bit downward.
    Another option is to scale down that text.
    Now don’t get me wrong, but it looks like the text seems to be hitting that black little piece of plastic above it.
    Anyway…. keep up the good work!

    • ChrisAdvanced says:

      Hi, thank you for the reply! i taken this screenshot before other update in the position of police text, have a nice day!

  2. Michael says:

    Batten-burg should only go to the bottom of the window and should be 5 squares of each for realism and the police lorries are plain white units unless its the Volvo FM Tipper owned by the Met Police which is batten-burg like this.

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