Scania R2008 side pipe v1


Side pipe for the Scania R2008 by 50k;
-Only for the 50k R2008.
-Only for the left exhaust.
-Only 6×2 and 6×4.

-Support fot Matdom’s Scania R2008
-Lower the exhaust fort better comp.
-And more…

TESTED ON: 1.16, but it works on every version.



9 Responses to Scania R2008 side pipe v1

  1. alex76 says:

    thank you 🙂

  2. c says:

    Gebious! Thank you 😀

  3. julian says:

    Can you give me a exact link for the truck because i get alot links but i dont now wich is the right one

  4. Morten R says:

    i have the keda 50k scania v2.2 but it dont work with me? can you guys help me?

    • CrazyGijs says:

      As I said, the Matdom Scania R2008 (v2.2) will be supported in the next version.

  5. Scania Driver King says:

    Next Version Please for all Scania Trucks

  6. ollez says:

    Nice mod! Is it possible to make it black inside?!

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