Scania R500 Axel Dubois with Lamberet SR2


YouTube preview

– Lamberet SR2 is Standalone
– New Wheels for Truck and Trailer
– Metallic Color
– New Light texture on Trailer
– Interior Light

Update 1.1:
– Disc, hub and nuts
– Deleted obselete attributes
– Cargo system updated and Scandinavia compagnies added
– Small errors fixed
– Ready for 1.23

Caspian, Molotov, Matgamer


4 thoughts on “Scania R500 Axel Dubois with Lamberet SR2

  1. Hi which graphic you use?

  2. I like the trailer. but create a skin is not easy
    It is a mess
    There will be a version for editing skins?
    thank you
    ciao ciaoZ

  3. MikkelSmikkel

    Any template for this?

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