Scania R560 V8 sideskirt


New sideskirts
Author: axe 666


12 Responses to Scania R560 V8 sideskirt

  1. ur mommy! says:

    great mod and nice work man!

  2. jasper says:

    cant download it need password of registor

  3. Vuxi69 says:

    pls load it up to an another page, we can’t download it.

  4. Sarkissian says:

    Please upload to better site where you do NOT need to register for download!
    Upload to zippyshare or mediafire.

  5. derBarni says:

    Looking good! Does the Mod include the sideskirts only or also the modified cab (Topline with aerodynamics)? If not, where can I get that?
    Thx for an answer! đŸ™‚

  6. scania says:

    perezaleyte please. otu really want to download

  7. ScaniaDUDE says:

    works fine but i have problems with 4×2 wheels they are like stuck inside cabin and not where they should be also for those who ask this is a truck mod with sideskirts

  8. jasper says:

    give us a correct download link without password or need to retgistor

  9. Leah Elena says:

    mod wont work for me! not even if I start a new game.
    and I dont use the scs scania

  10. jasper says:

    found a other page where you can download it without password:

  11. ViewlessMatt says:

    Nice man !!

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