Scania RJL Crane Addon 8×4 Chassi

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This Mod add a 8×4 Chassi with Crane to Scania Rjl

– 1.35 Only
– 1 Chassi
– 10+ rear lights

FHJ Transporte , TheFnake


17 thoughts on “Scania RJL Crane Addon 8×4 Chassi

  1. yankee71

    Is it compatible with Scania T and if not is it planned later?

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  3. yankee71

    the mod does not work i have tested on all scania chassi and RJL NOTHING

    1. JoachimK

      Yes, that´s right. Does not work. I have also the Kast Chassis, but it does not matter.
      Nothing on ALL RJL Chassis of 10x… 🙁

      And otherwise was it good to have a Description in the Mod. 🙁

      1. JoachimK

        “10x…” I mean on ALL 8x…

        1. neranjana

          Mod is working ok, there is different chassis for this mod.try again or watch a review video. chassis in the top of the list

      2. It’s working without any Problems! Mod has to be on 1st place in mod Manager & everything`s fine.

        1. Thanks mate

  4. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  5. If u change/rework something, you should name the FULL credits….

    Vinzel, FHJ Transporte , TheFnake

  6. ismail ozdemir

    I have been waiting for this chassis since I was born :))) For me, the first task tonight will be trying this mod……..

  7. ismail ozdemir

    Mod is a great one. Thank you so much for your work.But chassis should be higher. Because tires collide with fenders…..

  8. alaskabaer01

    Mod not Work. Sehr Ärgerlich als RJL Fan.

  9. MrNoNameG

    Amazing mod, but the chasi should be a bit higher as it hits the ground and flings you whenever you drive over 20k/h

  10. Hi

    Can you make a mod like this, for the Scania S and R Next Generation

    I would really apriciate that.

    Kind regards.

  11. Fabien navailles

    mon pote ton mod ne fonctionne pas

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