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Tested on 1.26, 1.27!

New skin only for Scania RJL from company EWERS, this truck exist in reality too. Yellow S-U-P-E-R logo included.

Recommended mods
– [RJL] Scania R & Streamline Modifications
– [powerkasi] Scania RS Addons
– [powerkasi] Light & Accessory
– [abasstreppas] Hella Auxiliary light pack
– [abasstreppas] Hella Double Burners
– [50keda] Wheels Pack

Specially created for
– Topline cab
– 6×2 short chassis

Enjoy 🙂

Roman71, 50keda


11 thoughts on “Scania RJL EWERS

    1. Nice one! 🙂

  1. krisscania

    S-U-P-E-R skin.

    1. Nice try though

    2. Scania974

      Hello PentaYo, what is the interior that you use on your pictures ? And also your custom headlights ? Please give me a link for that or a way to do the same things.
      Sorry for my bad english.

        1. Scania974

          Thanks mate ? But I’m talking about the PentaYo’s interior (with the Vabis on the background)

      1. I can’t tell you what interior that is sorry. Somebody sent it to me. I’m using the standert RJL headlights with GT Mike’s eyebrows. The lights at the bottom are Hella Jumbos, which you can find in abasstreppas Hella Auxiliary light pack or 50k’s accessories

        1. Scania974

          thanks for your reply, i download the GT Mike’s mod tomorrow.
          i’m so sad for the interior it’s so cool ! (a private mod ?)

          1. I think so yes, i have not seen it anywhere else. But it’s not a standalone mod, it’s included in the 2.1V of the RJL Scania, so it’s outdated anyways

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