Scania RJL Gebr.De Kraker Skin

Gebr.De-Kraker-1 Gebr.De-Kraker-2

Mod tested on Scania RJL 1.4.1
Game version 1.20,1.21 an 1.22
Don’t reupload to other sites or respect original link for download!

Author: #Borce


14 thoughts on “Scania RJL Gebr.De Kraker Skin

  1. Where did you get the little orange lights on top of the truck?
    And the sunshield??

  2. Link wheel please c:

  3. chefprutser

    The rooflights they are from powerkasi rooflights the sunvisor I think it’s from GTM sunvisor for rjl

    1. rooflights are private,tray that one from powerkasi and see no work

  4. Nice skin

    1. Thank you

  5. nice !!!!!! good job my friends

  6. Thanks m8!!

  7. mohamedgamal2014

    plzzzz where eyebrows in scania ejl ????

      1. mohamedgamal2014

        T his “GTM RJL Eyebrows” mod very small

        Large eyebrows here in “Scania Mega Tuning Mod” I did this and now old

        From best to add eyebrows large in scania rjl ??✌
        Thank Borce..??

        1. mohamedgamal2014

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