Scania RJL Highline Metallic Skin

metallic-5 metallic-4

This is metallic skin for RJLs Scania RS, works only with Highline cab
I’ve made this skin for me, but I decided to share it
tested on RJLs Scania RS 2.0 and game version 1.25
you can share it, but keep original link and credits

scaniac, eagleeye


4 thoughts on “Scania RJL Highline Metallic Skin

  1. The mod is excellent, but when I go to the store and choose the color, I make the purchase the truck returns to the original color. I do not know if it is any problem in the mod.

  2. Very good the mod however when I apply it in the truck and I make the purchase the chosen color does not stay and returns the previous color, I do not know if it would be some mistake in the mod.

    1. FatLizard

      @Vinicius …
      1. Open the file (.scs) you downloaded
      2. Go in def \ vehicle \ truck \ \ paint_job
      3. Edit the eehigh01.sii file
      4. Change the parameter in STOCK line (true) in false
      5. Save the change.

      @scaniac, eagleeye
      Thanks for share ! 🙂

  3. to be honest with you guys, I didn’t test Highline skin, but I did Topline, wich is working great

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