Scania RJL Interior

Scania-RJL-Interior-1 Scania-RJL-Interior-2

This is a full 3D interior for the Scania Rjl 1.5.2
Tested in 1.24

Author: Pcs modding


28 thoughts on “Scania RJL Interior

  1. Visible from outside?

    1. Yes

    2. Yeah it would be amazing if it did. breaks emersion otherwise

  2. Thomas Jöbges

    Can you make it for the SCANIA T too???

    1. The French modder

      No. Sorry

  3. SeriousSam

    crashes my game when getting into the cabin. Game Version 1.25, only RJL Scania Mod & this one at second.

    1. Piratxxx11

      Tested 1.24… YOU not USE EYS???????

      1. SeriousSam

        as said – i’m on 1.25 Beta already. So apparently not working there and needs updating maybe to be working with 1.25 then.
        Possibly i am wrong with my rig only and it works maybe for other guys using 1.25 aready

        btw what’s EYS? Not heard of this abbreviation so far. Thanks for a heads up

      2. SeriousSam

        just downgraded to 1.24 again. The pictures were to awesome to not have that one. Mod works in 1.24 successfully, but not 1.25.

        Great mod dude. Keep going!

  4. Thomas Jöbges

    Can you make it for the SCANIA T???

  5. Work on 1.24. Amazing mod 🙂

  6. thx. beautiful. I hope you can share using others colors as well.

  7. not working

    1. The French Modder

      Yes it work it Just select the … It was before scoring Think of Unnecessary comments

  8. for me only outside working. when going inside there are problems. no steering wheel and standard interior.

  9. I have the same problem…

  10. scaniaboy2000

    He works all the outside from the inside it’s just the standard interior of the RJL

    1. I’m having the exact same problem. Would be great if it worked 100%. Looks great!

  11. SeriousSam

    no dlc cabin support, but great look indeed

  12. ReadMore!!!

    1.24 game version, not 1.25!!!
    People, read the description!!!!!
    SeriousSam, Magnus, Titan, VolvoFan, scaniaboy2000, henri…..
    Like sheeps giving download without knowing what you are downloading. So goes the world !!!

    1. I’m using Scania RJL and game version

    2. SeriousSam

      did you read my comments carefully dude?
      If so you would recognize, that this is not criticizing the mod does not work – much more the point, that it seems obvios that it’s not working in 1.25 so an update shortly seems required for (now released) version 1.25 – so rather try thinking about your own nick … *lol*

      1. It works, you first have to choose the interior. do you guys also have that “swedish dream” sticker automatically? Sad that it does not support cabin DLC. Will there be more colors?

  13. sorry i have a problem, when i dowload the mod at 95% says failed operation why this ?
    Do you have another link to test dowload with adfly or mediafire ?

  14. @PCS Modding
    Please upload a 1.25 / RJL 2.0 compatible version of this interior.
    It is exactly what an externally customised truck needs.
    Thank you.

    – BS1

  15. new link??

  16. New Link Please!

  17. plz patch for 1.33 😉

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