Scania RJL – Ronny Ceusters Metallic skins


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An updated Ronny Ceusters skin that I first made for the 4 Series, now for the 6 series parts for Scania RJL. The only change I made was at the front grill.
There are three skins, for all the three cabins (not including the long ones), all of them are metallic.
If you want to use the lightboxes, search for the 4 Series post and there you will find the link.
Respect the download link!

Credits: ScaWeedania


2 thoughts on “Scania RJL – Ronny Ceusters Metallic skins

  1. Oh yes! Nice job! But for the 5-series?
    Btw TY realy much!

  2. Embargo1984

    I can’t find the back mudflap of Ronny Ceusters…

    Where can I find it plz?

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