Scania RJL Tempelton “Superheros”

Tempeltons Superhero skin for RJL’s Scania.
I know its not perfect…



9 thoughts on “Scania RJL Tempelton “Superheros”

  1. bien réalisé, c’est marrant jai le poster et je viens de le mettre dans mes chiottes ^^

  2. stigkiller

    Hi, i have visited few or your storefront by you we downloaded your skins?

  3. Welcome back !, Speedy143
    nice skin??

  4. Plis Scania T skin!!!

  5. kai banksy

    great buddy, been wanting to make this myself with no luke finding the rite pics. super job can always rely on you for top quaility.

  6. Gvidas Gecas

    Does it work with original Scania not RJL ? Thank you .

  7. Lovely job as always Speedy! loving the Seamus Black and Gilder skins!

  8. Vraiment bien fait, j’ai le poster aussi et je voulais a tout pris l’avoir sur ets2 merci au moddeur !!

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