Scania RJL Vogel Reworked Skin

vogel-reworked-1 vogel-reworked-2 vogel-reworked-3

Mod tested on Scania RJL 1.4 and 1.5.1
Game version 1.24 and 1.25

Don’t reupload to other sites or RESPECT ORIGINAL link for download!
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Author: #Borce


7 thoughts on “Scania RJL Vogel Reworked Skin

  1. Thank you very much! 😉

    1. You’r welcome 🙂

  2. It not your work. You used mine скин for Scania T series .

    1. Wrong mate,dontact me on FB will show you pictures with messages from where and what i use for this skin!

  3. Your references do not prove that you made this activity. I did this skin from the real truck and added exclusive details. And now look under my reference at my activity and find differences? Let it will be on your conscience.

    1. i tell you,add me and i will show you,btw i dont care what you think :*

  4. What for to me that that to prove if I learn the activity. Happens that make identical activities, but here I see not identical and activity. For example inscriptions on skirts, bands on a cabin consist of several elements and some effects the Photoshop are used. And that you does not excite that my judgement is it is no wonder if you appropriate another’s work. I wish good luck!

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