Scania S Eurolink Combo

Skin for Scania S by scs,
8k Texture,
Metallic colour,
Trailer skin included,
Works only on Highline cab

Reccomended configuration:

Highline cab,
6×2 chassis

Required mods:

Ekeri trailers by Kast

Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
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9 thoughts on “Scania S Eurolink Combo

  1. You forget to write, that it is still for 1.31 !!!

    1. DavyBerto

      Woops, I forgot it ?, btw until the update officially came out my skins will all be for the current official version not betas version

  2. Arthur Vince

    Because of the New Promods map, i switched from 1.32 Beta to 1.31. So your combi is a warm welcome to me.. Thanks AV.

    1. DavyBerto

      Sentiamo, da dove avrei copiato sta volta? Nessun altro ha fatto questa skin prima che io sappia

      1. ?Sono sicuro che quando vedi il mio nome le palle incominciano ha girare,non voglio mettere nessuna destinazione forse trovi qualcosa anche qui, e la stessa torta completa da altre parti molto conosciute.
        Fidati dalla faccina.

  3. Melafdifi

    Not Working

    1. DavyBerto

      Works only on 1.31 man

      1. Melafdifi

        I have 1.31

        Problem I do not find trailer Do you have a trailer link

        I want a trailer link And not Skin

        And Thanks

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