Scania S Eurolink Combo

Skin for Scania S by scs,
8k Texture,
Metallic colour,
Trailer skin included,
Works only on Highline cab

Reccomended configuration:

Highline cab,
6×2 chassis

Required mods:

Ekeri trailers by Kast

Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
Follow my page for more awesome skins:



9 Responses to Scania S Eurolink Combo

  1. JoachimK says:

    You forget to write, that it is still for 1.31 !!!

    • DavyBerto says:

      Woops, I forgot it ?, btw until the update officially came out my skins will all be for the current official version not betas version

  2. Arthur Vince says:

    Because of the New Promods map, i switched from 1.32 Beta to 1.31. So your combi is a warm welcome to me.. Thanks AV.

  3. zoso says:


    • DavyBerto says:

      Sentiamo, da dove avrei copiato sta volta? Nessun altro ha fatto questa skin prima che io sappia

      • zoso says:

        ?Sono sicuro che quando vedi il mio nome le palle incominciano ha girare,non voglio mettere nessuna destinazione forse trovi qualcosa anche qui, e la stessa torta completa da altre parti molto conosciute.
        Fidati dalla faccina.

  4. Melafdifi says:

    Not Working

    • DavyBerto says:

      Works only on 1.31 man

      • Melafdifi says:

        I have 1.31

        Problem I do not find trailer Do you have a trailer link

        I want a trailer link And not Skin

        And Thanks

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