Scania S Martin Snel

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Scania S NextGen Highroof Martin Snel Skin

This is how a Scania S maybe will look like, if Martin Snel has one, so it is not a real skin,
but like the real painting of Martin Snel’s Scania R.

Have fun 🙂

For the best result you need these mods:

-extended sunshield by Samuelswe

-blue sky backbumper by Nixon3D (Paymod)

-sideskirts by MDModding


-Jupe Sideskirts for NextGen by 3DMA (Paymod)

Not needed but they look really good

-Roof Tuning and Backwall by ALANG7 (Paymod)

-> Keep in mind, that the Alang7 Mods are not skinnded, but it is very easy, because Alang7 puts a skin.scs
in the file, when you buy it.

Bernis Skinworks


2 thoughts on “Scania S Martin Snel

  1. UwUmoments

    low bumper mod pls???

    1. Bernis Skinworks

      All mods for the skin are in the discription here on Do you mean the bar under the sideskirts?

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