Scania S/R – Bad Eyes, Evil Eyes

Mod added “Bad eyes / Evil Eyes” on headlights to Scania S and R.




14 Responses to Scania S/R – Bad Eyes, Evil Eyes

  1. skyfall777 says:

    Great mod but many errors, V8 side badges disapearing, trailer cables errors, etc. Can you fix this?

    • hans says:

      probaly not, because he can’t – he isnt the original author of this mod

  2. Devil666 says:

    The game crashed!

  3. mamba001 says:

    Old truck.pmd, no cables, no 8x4chs

  4. ED101 says:

    Does anyone know who is the original author

  5. mamba001 says:

    Following must be changed that this work..
    1.Extract the scs file
    2.goto vehicle/truck delete scania_2016 folder
    3.goto vehicle/truck/upgrade delete rearmudflaps folder
    4.goto automat delete all folders, but not the folder b9 it stays
    5.pack it again as a scs file

    Note: only the Exclusiv Paint Lamps has the Bad eyes / Evil Eyes

  6. QFRCY says:

    Hi Mamba001, could you post the adapted file?



    • mamba001 says:

      Without permission of the creator… No…
      I wrote how to do it…
      Extract with WinRar or what you use, and do it as described..

  7. Marcus Lange says:


  8. mar says:

    How To Skinning, and Where is The Template

  9. Dominiko says:

    Maybe, when i find time on it, i update mod. I havent too much time guys 🙁
    Sorry for errors.

    Its MY MOD, I’m not a thief.


    Any questions pls send on: [email protected]

  10. maickelboy says:

    work not on promods 2.30

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