Scania S Viking Edition Repaintable Metallic Skin

Repaintable metallic skin for SCANIA S Highline only by SCS
Support for sideskirts and rear fenders from
“Lowdeck chassis addon for Scania S&R Nextgen” mod by Sogard3
Support for painted roofbars from “50k addons” mod by 50Keda
Please keep the original link
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Hope you like it.



8 thoughts on “Scania S Viking Edition Repaintable Metallic Skin

  1. President10

    Waiting for the continuation of the legend bro of the works. 🙂

  2. Alberto Vasquez

    Mikhaylov your Skinworks are very amazing, thanks a lot for Sharing!

    1. A.Mikhaylov

      Thanks mate!

  3. Super. Very please Mr. Mikhaylov to skin Renault Premium

    1. A.Mikhaylov

      Maybe later

  4. Crach_Craite

    Mikhaylov… You’re the best man.

    1. A.Mikhaylov

      Thanks 🙂

  5. joeislikethebest

    AMAZING! best mod , GREAT WORK!!

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